Sankagiri Fort - Tamilnadu

Sankagiri Fort

Sankagiri Fort is an important fort at the top of the hill called Sankagiri Malai, which is part of the Eastern Ghats. Sankagiri fort was built on a hill at an altitude of 700 feet. The fort complex covers a huge area and is surrounded by powerful stone walls with bastions from time to time. The wall was built to prevent attacks and provide a defensive area. The main entrance of the fort is through a huge gate called “Mysore Gate”. It is a majestic structure filled with intricate carvings and sculptures. There are many architectural ruins in the castle, such as a palace, a granary and barracks. Although the palace is in ruins, it still has some architectural elements from the Nayak period. One of the main features of Sankagiri Fort is its well-developed underground tunnels. These tunnels were used for communication, escape and storage purposes during the war. The castle also offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, making it a popular destination for photography and sightseeing.

How to reach Sankagiri Fort?

Salem airport is the nearest to reach Sankagiri Fort. Drive from Salem airport to Sankagiri Fort covers about 60 km.