Thoppur Dargah - Tamilnadu

Thoppur Dargah is a famous Islamic shrine located in Thoppur village, Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. It is a place of religious importance that attracts devotees from all over the country. The Dargah is dedicated to the Sufi saint Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Shahid, who is believed to have lived in the 12th century. Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Shaheed is said to be a warrior who fought against injustice and oppression throughout his life. His teachings continue to inspire people to stand against injustice and work for a just society. The dargah complex consists of various buildings, including the main shrine, a mosque and various other structures. The main shrine is top attraction in the mosque decorated with intricate carvings and its dome is considered an architectural marvel. This dargah serves as the best place for worship for all the local Muslim community. This Mosques also play an important role in ensuring unity and solidarity between people of different beliefs.

Thoppur Dargah

History of Thoppur Dargah

The history of Thoppur Dargah dates back centuries. It is believed that Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Valiyullah came to the region in the 17th century and attracted a large number of people here who were inspired by his teachings and spiritual guidance. He talked about the principles of love, peace and unity between people of different faiths. His teachings attracted people from all walks of life, including Hindus, Muslims and people from other religions. It is also said that the Sufi saint, Hazrat Sultan Syed healed the people who suffered from unrecoverable ailments and people who were possessed with dangerous spirits. After his death, a mosque was built, and he was buried in the same place. The Dargah has become a place of pilgrimage for its followers and devotees seeking blessings and spiritual guidance. Over time, this Dargah grew in importance and became an important Islamic spiritual center in Tamil Nadu.

Speciality of Thoppur Dargah

The main attraction of Thoppur Dargah is the tomb of Hazrat Sayed Ibrahim Shahid which is decorated with colorful fabrics, flowers and candles, creating an atmosphere of piety and reverence for people who seek peace and spiritual solace. This mosque holds special significance during the annual Urs festival, which commemorates the death anniversary of Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Shaheed. During this time, believers gather in large numbers and participate in various religious ceremonies and rituals. This festival is highlighted by devotions, prayers and Qawwali performances that every devotees must experience once in their life time. The Main hall where the prayers are held is adorned with beautiful calligraphy depicting Quran verses.

Visiting time Thoppur Dargah

10.00 AM to 2.00 PM and 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

Dress code - Thoppur Dargah

wear clothes that cover the upper body entirely and cover your legs below knees.

How to reach Thoppur Dargah?

By air – Salem airport is the nearest to reach Thoppur Dargah. Drive from Salem airport to Thoppur Dargah covers about 22 km.
By train – Bommidi railway junction near Dharmapuri is the nearest to reach Thoppur dargah covering 25 km.
By road – All road ways in Tamil Nadu are well- connected to reach Dharmapuri through NH 844 and NH44