Pottalpudur Dargah - Tamilnadu

Pottalpudur Dargah

Pottalpudur Dargah is an important religious site in Tamil Nadu. The mosque is constructed in a way that reflect the rich architectural heritage of Tamil Nadu that are must see for anyone who love art and architectures. A special feature of Pottalpudur Dargah is the annual Urs Festival. Urs refers to the death anniversary of the Sufi saint and is celebrated with great joy in this dargah and Qawwali performances (musical performances) are also an important part of the festival. Pottalpudur Dargah is the symbol of religious harmony and unity in the region. People from different faiths and backgrounds come to Dargah to seek solace and peace. The shrine has become a testament to Sufi inclusivity, love, forgiveness and acceptance.

History of Pottalpudur Dargah

It is believed that Sufi saints during their from Iran to India travels reached Pottalpudur village and decided to settle and preach Islam to people later after his death people raised a tomb for the head Sufi saint in the year 1674 which is worshiped in the mosque till now

Speciality of Pottalpudur Dargah

A special feature of Pottalpudur Dargah is its beautiful architecture. The main entrance of the dargah is decorated with intricate carvings and beautiful calligraphy, showcasing the artistic skills of the artisans of that time. This Dargah is not only built by Muslims but also Hindu and Christians. The inner sanctum of the Dargah houses the tomb covered by an elaborate silver canopy. Devotees coming to this Dargah are given holy ashes made from ghee, tamarind bark and flowers known as "Nerchai".

Visiting time of Pottalpudur Dargah

24 /7

Dress code of Pottalpudur Dargah

Wear clothes that cover the upper body entirely and cover your legs below knees.

Nearby sightseeing places of Pottalpudur Dargah

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How to reach Pottalpudur Dargah?

By Air – Tuticorin airport is the nearest to reach Pottalpudur Dargah covering 92 km.
By Train – Tirunelveli is well-linked to other major cities of the country via rail. Keela Kadayam Junction Railway Station in Tirunelveli is the nearest junction to reach Pottalpudur Dargah covering 4 km.
By Road - Tirunelveli is well-linked to other major cities of Tamil Nadu through NH 45, NH138, and NH744.