Nathar Shah Dargah - Tamilnadu

Nathar Shah Dargah

Nathar Shah Dargah is a famous mosque in Trichy dedicated to Sufi saint Sultan Saiyad Babayya Nathar Shah, The dargah complex is located on the banks of the Cauvery and consists of various structures, including the main shrine, prayer hall, tomb. The architecture of the Dargah is a blend of Islamic and Dravidian style, showcasing beautiful carvings and beautiful domes. This Dargah gets crowded during the famous annual Urs Festival, which commemorates the death anniversary of Sultan Saiyad Babayya Nathar Shah. During this time, believers from all over Tamil Nadu gather at the dargah to participate in religious rituals, qawwalis (Sufi devotional music) and seek spiritual solace.

History of Nathar Shah Dargah

The history of Nathar Shah Dargah dates back to the 14th century when Sultan Saiyad Babayya Nathar Shah came to Trichy and settled in the area. He is said to have performed many miracles and had gained many followers. After his death, his followers built a shrine to honor him, and it has since become a popular pilgrimage site for Sufi Muslims.

Speciality of Nathar Shah Dargah

Nathar Shah Dargah is one of the most famous Sufi mosques in South India. Many devotees believe that Nathar Shah Dargah has healing powers and they come here to seek healing. According to legend, St. Nathar Shah wali has the power to heal the sick and afflicted, and believers still visit her to worship and experience a supernatural healing.

Visiting time of Nathar Shah Dargah

8.00AM – 8.00 PM

Dress code of Nathar Shah Dargah

Wear clothes that cover the upper body entirely and your legs below knees.

Nearby sightseeing place of Nathar Shah Dargah

Main guard gate, Nemesis waterfalls, district museum, Tiruchirappalli city view point.

How to reach Nathar Shah Dargah?

By Air – Trichy airport is the nearest to reach Nathar Shah Dargah covering 10 km.
By Train – Tiruchirappalli is well-linked to other major cities of the country via rail. Tiruchirappalli Junction Railway Station is the nearest junction to reach Nathar Shah Dargah covering 4 km.
By Road - Tiruchirappalli is well-linked to other major cities of Tamil Nadu through NH 45, NH 45B, NH 67, NH 210 and NH 227.