Nagore Dargah - Tamilnadu

Nagore Dargah in Nagapattinam is a famous Islamic holy site in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is dedicated to Shahul Hamid, also known as Nagore Andavar. The Dargah has religious and cultural significance and attracts devotees from all over the country which is famous for The Dargah is famous for its peaceful atmosphere and spiritual aura around it. The architecture of Nagore dargah is a blend of Islamic and Dravidian style. The main entrance is called 'Vasanthamandapam' is decorated with intricate carvings and beautiful arches. The sacred space inside the dargah is the main attraction as it houses the tomb of Shahul Hameed covered with green fabric and decorated with flowers. One of the highlights of Nagore Dargah is the annual Kanduri Festival held during the Islamic month of Muharram. Nagore Dargah has played an important role in promoting social harmony and trust in the region and stands as a symbol of unity between people of different faiths, and people go to the shrine for solace, blessings and to have their wishes come true.

Nagore Dargah

History of Nagore Dargah

History of Nagore Dargah dates back to the 16th century when Nagore Shahul Hamid came to the city of Nagore. He traveled a lot and eventually settled in Nagapattinam. Later then she started spreading the teachings of Islam and Sufism. His spiritual teachings attracted the attention of many people, both Muslims and non-Muslims. Over time, a small mosque was built in his honor, which later evolved into the beautiful Dargah today.

Speciality of Nagore Dargah

The speciality of Nagore Dargah is that it serves as a symbol of interfaith communal harmony. A unique feature of Nagore Dargah is its nature that promotes harmony and unity among different religions. Devotees from different faiths visit the Dargah to seek blessings and pray. It is not uncommon to witness Hindus, Christians and people from other religious backgrounds participating in ceremonies and celebrations at the dargah. This religious acceptance and unity makes Nagore Dargah a symbol of social harmony.

Visiting time of Nagore Dargah

4:30 AM - 6:45 AM, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Note – Ladies will be not allowed to enter the main shrine in the dargah.

Dress Code of Nagore Dargah

Wear clothes that cover the upper body entirely and your legs below knees.

Nearby sightseeing places of Nagore Dargah

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How to reach Nagore Dargah?

By Air – Trichy airport is the nearest to reach Nagore Dargah covering 130 km.
By Train – Vellipalayam railway station and Nagore railway station are the nearest junction to reach Nagore Dargah.
By Road - Nagore district in Nagapattinam is well- connected to all the major districts in Tamil Nadu through NH 45A and NH 83. Driving from Thirunallar in Karaikal is the easiest way to reach Nagore district covering 20 km.