Kazimar Periya Pallivasal Madurai - Tamilnadu

Kazimar Grand Mosque, also known as Kazimar Periya Palivaasal, is a historical mosque located in Madurai. It has religious and cultural significance for the Muslim community in the region. The mosque is located near the famous Meenakshi Amman temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Meenakshi. This closeness shows the harmony between different religions in Madurai. The interior of the mosque is spacious and can accommodate many worshipers. One of the main attraction of Kazimar Big Mosque is that the architectural style which shows a mixture of Islamic and Dravidian styles. This mosque combines arches, domes, minarets and intricate carvings. The main prayer hall is spacious and can accommodate many worshipers. The interior walls are decorated with beautiful inscriptions and verses from the Quran. One of the unique features of the mosque is its magnificent gate with beautiful designs, with beautiful patterns and Arabic inscriptions.

Kazimar Periya Pallivasal Madurai

History of Kazimar Grand Mosque

The history of Kazimar Big Mosque dates back to the 13th century and was built by Kazi Sayed Tajuddin, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad. Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin is a revered Islamic scholar and saint who emerged from Islam during the reign of Sultan Aladdin Khilji - An Oman who migrated to India. He settled in Madurai and played an important role in the spread of Islam in the region. The mosque was built at the place where Hazrat Kazi Sayed Tajuddin is thought to have visited on his way to India. The original structure was small but over time it underwent many renovations and expansions to accommodate Madurai's growing Muslim community.

Speciality of Kazimar Big Mosque

Kazımar Big Mosque is the first Muslim place of worship in Madurai. This place is not only a hub to worship but also serves as a Madrasa (Islamic school) where students receive religious education and learn Arabic. Additionally, the mosque also involves in charitable work, providing assistance to those in need through various programs such as free medical centers, food distribution, and financial assistance.

Visiting time in Kazimar Grand Mosque

4.30 AM – 11.00 PM

Dress code in Kazimar Grand Mosque

Wear clothes that cover the upper body entirely and cover your legs below knees.

Nearby Sightseeing place in Kazimar Grand Mosque

Tirumalai Nayakkar Mahal, Meenakshi Amman temple, Pasumalai Hills, Raja aquarium.

How to reach Kazimar Big Mosque?

By Air – Madurai airport is the nearest to reach Kazimar Big Mosque covering 11 km.
By Train – Madurai railway station is the nearest junction to reach Kazimar Big Mosque covering 2 km.
By Road - Madurai District is well connected with the National Highways NH 7, NH 45B, NH 208 and NH 49 passing through Madurai