Vaniar Dam - Tamilnadu

Vaniar Dam

Vaniar Dam is a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu famous for Water Sports activities that the dam is surrounded by green lush trees rolling hills and cool water, creating a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty. Vaniar Dam offers a variety of water sports and activities to adventure seekers. Like boating, fishing and swimming. This is the best spot to spend time with family and friends as there are many places that are suitable for picnic and camping where visitors can spend the night surrounded by peace under the stars. The area around Vaniar Dam is blessed with beautiful trails and walking trails that allow visitors to enjoy the magnificent views of the area. Walking this route gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in tranquility, observe local flora and fauna, and enjoy the fresh air.

How to reach Vaniar Dam?

Salem airport is the nearest to reach Vaniar Dam. Drive from Salem airport to Vaniar Dam covers about 56 km