Mettur Dam - Tamilnadu

Mettur Dam

Mettur Dam is a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the largest dam in the country and has many attractions and activities worth visiting. The lake itself is a magnificent structure with beautiful views of the reservoir and landscape. Peace and natural beauty make this an ideal destination for photography enthusiasts. Boating, fishing and swimming and the popular activities in Mettur dam, where as you can also enjoy the peaceful ambience. There are beautiful gardens and parks near the dam provide the perfect setting for outdoor dining and gatherings. Visitors can relax under the shade of trees, enjoy a picnic lunch, or spend quality time with their loved ones. Mettur Dam is also a major source of hydropower in Tamil Nadu. The hydroelectric dam produces enough electricity to meet the energy needs of the state.

How to reach Mettur Dam?

Salem airport is the nearest to reach Mettur Dam. Drive from Salem airport to Mettur Dam covers about 42 km.