Kamaraj Sagar Dam - Tamilnadu

Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Kamaraj Sagar, also known as Sandynallah Reservoir, is a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu that offers a perfect picnic spot for families. Nestled among the lush greenery of the Nilgiri hills, Kamaraj Sagar offers magnificent views of the surrounding nature. The quiet and tranquil environment adds to the overall appeal of the place, offering visitors a peaceful respite away from the noise and chaos of city life. One of the main attractions of Kamaraj Sagar is the boat ride. Boating in this beautiful place allows you to relax in the beauty of your surroundings while having fun with friends or family. Kamaraj Sagar is a great picnic spot for families and groups of friends. The well-kept gardens and open spaces around the reservoir provide ample space for picnics and relaxation. visitors can bring their own food or purchase local snacks from nearby shops. The pleasant weather and beautiful surroundings make this a great place to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

How to reach Kamaraj Sagar Dam?

Coimbatore airport is the nearest to reach Kamaraj Sagar Dam. Drive from Coimbatore airport to Kamaraj Sagar Dam covers about 100 km.