Golwarpatti Dam - Tamilnadu

Golwarpatti Dam

Golwarpatti Dam is a popular tourist destination that offers many attractions and activities to its visitors. It is located in a beautiful setting consisting of lush greenery, rolling hills and a tranquil lake formed by a dam. Tranquility and beautiful views make this a perfect destination for one day trip for locals and visitors alike. Visitors can take a walk by the lake or relax while taking in the beautiful views. Golwarpatti Dam has a quiet location away from city life, making it a great place for relaxation and meditation as the place is invaded by peace. Visitors can find tranquility by sitting beside the lake, doing yoga, or enjoying the soothing sounds of nature. The calmness combined with the beautiful view creates the perfect environment for the mind and body to relax.

How to reach Golwarpatti Dam?

Madurai airport is the nearest to reach Golwarpatti Dam. Drive from Madurai airport to Golwarpatti Dam covers about 77 km.