Kodiakkarai Beach in Nagapattinam

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Kodiakkarai Beach, also known as point Calimere Beach, is a popular beach in Tamil Nadu. Located in the southeast of the Indian subcontinent, it is known for its pristine beauty, abundant wildlife, and historical significance.

It is located on an area of ​​approximately 24 km within the point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary that is home to many species of animals and fauna, making it a best place for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The beach stretches for about 12 km along the Bengal coast and offers visitors a beautiful, beautiful beach. One of the attractions of Kodiakkarai Beach is the abundance of birds. The reserve is an important habitat for migratory birds with over 250 species recorded here. In winter, thousands of flamingos come to the beach, creating a beautiful sight.

How to reach Kodiakkarai beach?

Nearest airport to Nagapattinam is Trichy airport. A drive from Trichy airport to Nagapattinam beach covers about 170 km