Zieganbalg Museum - Tamilnadu

Zieganbalg Museum

The Zieganbalg Museum is situated in Tranquebar, a town in the Mayiladuthurai district of Tamil Nadu. A significant cultural institution and a major tourist attraction in Tranquebar, the Zieganbalg Museum offers insights into the history and heritage of the region. It is named after Bartholomäus Zieganbalg, a German missionary who played a prominent role in the area's history.

Bartholomäus Zieganbalg was one among the first Protestant missionaries to set foot in India from Germany. He was a member of the Lutheran clergy who responded to King Frederick IV of Denmark's request to establish a mission for the natives of Tranquebar. He started his work in the Danish colony of Tranquebar in 1705. He translated the Old and New Testaments into Tamil. Later, He imported a printing press and printed the New Testament in Tamil in 1714.

The Zieganbalg Museum in Mayiladuthurai is renowned for housing the first printing press in India. Bibliophiles would know that the first book to be published in India was the Bible in Tamil language and it was printed here.

The Zieganbalg Museum is a true attraction for history buffs. The cultural and historical heritage of the Tranquebar region is preserved and showcased at this incredible Museum. The exquisite collection of artefacts, records, photos, and exhibits in the museum gives a glimpse into the colonial era and the influence of European powers in the region. A visit to the Zieganbalg Museum helps visitors to learn more about the history of the region and the missionary activities led by Zieganbalg.


10 AM to 4 PM. Closed on Fridays.

Ways to Reach Ooty Museum:

By Air: Tiruchirappalli International Airport, about 165.3 Km away from the museum.

By Rail: Mayiladuthurai Railway Station, 31.8 Km away from the museum. From the railway station, you can avail of public transport or get a cab/ taxi to reach the museum.

By Road: Mayiladuthurai is well-connected by road. You can use private vehicles, public transport, or hire taxis to reach the museum.