Coimbatore Government Museum - Coimbatore - Tamilnadu

Coimbatore Government Museum

The Coimbatore Government Museum was established in 1990 and is located on VOC Park Road, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. It serves as a window into the history and culture of the region, making it a valuable destination for those interested in exploring the heritage of Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu as a whole.

The Coimbatore Government Museum is divided into 5 sections, housing amazing artefacts such as Mesolithic stone tools, calcimined bone remains of animals and humans, wood carvings from the 18th century, bronze icons, stone sculptures, inscribed stone slabs, and tribal artifacts. You can find here utensils used by tribal communities, palm leaf manuscripts, idols of Hindu deities like Ganesha and Krishna, and monolithic sculptures. These items provide insights into the lifestyles, traditions, and religious practices of the area's ancient residents.

In addition to cultural artifacts, the museum also houses a section dedicated to natural history, featuring old rocks, minerals, wood fossils, and tribal medicinal plants. The museum also boasts a diverse collection of exhibits related to art, archaeology, anthropology, numismatics (study of coins), botany, zoology, and geology.

Another highlight of Coimbatore Government Museum is the books and publications covering various subjects. These include Indian classical music, botany, and customs followed by the people who lived in Coimbatore and its neighbouring regions in bygone eras. These resources contribute to a deeper understanding of the local culture and knowledge.

How to Reach Coimbatore Government Museum

By Air: Coimbatore International Airport, about 10.3 Km away from the museum.
By Rail: Coimbatore Junction Railway Station, 5 Km away. From the railway station, you can avail of public transport or get a cab/ taxi to reach the museum.
By Road: Coimbatore is well-connected by road to nearby cities and states. You can use private vehicles, public transport, hire taxis or an auto-rickshaw to reach the museum.

Visiting time Coimbatore Government Museum

9:30 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Fridays, Second Saturdays, and Public Holidays.

Entrance Fee - Coimbatore Government Museum

For Indians - INR 15 per adult & INR 10 per child. For Foreigners - INR 250 per adult & INR 125 per child.