Trekking In Vattakanal - Tamilnadu

Often considered as the sister of the popular hill station Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, Vattakanal has of late gained importance among trekkers. You can start your trek from Dolphin Nose. The view you get to see as you traverse from Dolphin Nose is a spectacular one which would be etched forever in your memory. You can even meet the local villagers on your way and gain useful insights about your journey further ahead.


The road winds down, sandwiched between wild growth of orchids, exotic mushrooms and pines which makes the trip mesmerizing. Kodaikanal is itself sprawled with the bounties of nature and to add to that Vattakanal is a haven of bliss for trekkers giving you the sensational view of the valleys and mountains sprawled across the land.

As you reach Vattakanal, the sight of mist laden forest comes to view. You can see freshly grown spices, carrots, orange trees, papaya, Jack fruit and many others. The trek path ends at Dolphin Nose which is a popular tourist site.

Best time to Visit :

The months of December to May offers the best of the trek with mild, cool climate which suits trekking, hiking and other mountain activities.