Trekking in Kotagiri - Tamilnadu

Kotagiri is the Nilgiri’s most beautiful and oldest hill station. It is situated near Ooty which is a famous hill station which is also located in the Nilgiris. It is tucked away in the Nilgiris and was once the summer location of the British. Even today Kotagiri retains its vivid beauty and remains as a pristine wonderland. Situated at the most perfect elevation for trekking Kotagiri is a most sought out trekking destination.


During the trek, you will pass through Catherine Falls which is a marvel of Kotagiri. You will pass through pine forests and tea plantations which add to the serenity of the trek. The bond with lush green nature is enough vigor to get you going along the trek giving you all the refreshing energy you need.

The stop at the Catherine Falls is a mesmerizing one and the huge rock formation of Dolphin’s nose is visible on clear days. Once you reach the peak, you can get to feast your eyes on the stunning view of the Catherine Falls.

Best time to Visit :

Kotagiri is seen in all its splendor during the months of December to May when the climate is experienced to be at its best.