Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing - Tamilnadu

Rock climbing is an exciting sport which sends your adrenaline course through your body. It combines your physical strength with mental focus and use insane amounts of power which you have never known your body to possess. Rock climbing has become a most sought after sport in the world and Tamil Nadu offers rock climbers the perfect locations to engage themselves in such activities.


Many rough terrains and mountainous paths in the state offer the best rock climbing experience for mountaineers. Rock climbing in Tamil Nadu includes places like Kodaikanal, Dindugal, Nilgiris, Gingee, Mahabalipuram, Nagamalai, Pillar Rocks and Kanyakumari among many others. These places have a natural formation of rocks and mountains which are best for rock climbing.

Best time to Visit :

The months of October to May is the best time to go for rock climbing in Tamil Nadu as the weather is usually pleasant and the dry climate makes it safe for rock climbing.

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