Mudumalai Wildlife Photography - Tamilnadu

Mudumalai is renowned for its picturesque destinations and the variety of wildlife inhabited in the jungle. The forest offers the best chance at wildlife photography. You can spot the animals at their natural best. Pictures of elephants and deer with their herds are quite easy to click. To catch the ferocious beast of the jungle at its best, you have to take the elephant safari where there is a lot of chance of spotting a tiger frolicking with its cubs.


The water body in the jungle is another place where you can get great pictures of the wildlife enjoying the bounty of nature which makes a great place for photography lovers. Apart from all the safari through the jungle, you can avail the tree houses inside the jungle where you can see animals on the prowl for their daily dose of food. From the tree houses you can see the daily activities of the animals in the forest and also get a great view to shoot pictures.

Best time to Visit :

Mudumalai is seen in all its splendor during the months of November to May when the climate is experienced to be at its best.