Mudumalai Adventure - Tamilnadu

Snuggled among the lush greenery of the Niligiris, the Mudumalai forest reserve offers adventure beyond belief. The Mudumalai National Park is a haven for tigers, panthers, Giant Malabar squirrels and many other species of plant and wildlife.


To have an overview of the park you can avail the jungle safari which would take you over the usual trails of the animals. It is a pretty common sight there to see elephants and deer.

The elephant safari in the jungle takes you further inside the jungle where you can get a chance to meet face to face a live tiger and her cubs basking in the warmth of the sun.

There is certainly no limit to the amount of adventure you can get to have in the Mudumalai forest reserve. As you reach the water body, you can see baby elephants playfully sprinkling water over each other. Herds of deer staring at you and moving away as you approach them, the watchful eyes of the leopard and many more adventures await you in the Mudumalai forest reserve.

Best time to Visit :

Mudumalai is seen in all its splendor during the months of November to May when the climate is experienced to be at its best.