The city of silks

Kanchipuram - the city of silk, is the best place that is famous all over the world for silk sarees and beautiful clothes. Kanchipuram is located 75 km from Chennai. Kanchipuram serves as a Shopper’s spot, more than being as a tourist spot. Many people from many destinations visit Kanchipuram mostly to buy wedding sarees made of pure and a rare silk. Majority people prefer hand woven sarees which could be originally bought in Kanchipuram.

Kanchipuram the city of silk sarees is a great place for shopping top quality silk dresses

Kanchipuram the city of Silk is located in Tamil Nadu, 75 km away from Chennai. This city did a record break of having the most number of temples in India. This city is known for its first class silk sarees. People from all parts of Tamilnadu come here for shopping wedding silks. We can see lots of Hindu temples sprouting out from each and every corner of Kanchipuram streets.

Other than the splendid hand woven silk sarees Kanchipuram is famous for temples. The cuisine at Kanchipuram is also very palatial. The specialty of these silk sarees is that they have some charismatic power that; it makes every woman fall for it and so it is also called as “Silk City”.


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